10 Neat Pet Products

Some are very practical. Some are long overdue. And some are outright silly. But these pet products share one thing in common: they’re getting positive feedback from both the industry and its consumers! Here’s a list of “10 Neat Pet Products” now on the market. And don’t forget: if you have a novel idea for

Save the Date! 4/25/20

Save the Date for “Inventor Process: The Summit”! Coming up with ideas for new products is challenging. Designing and patenting those products is even more demanding. And when it comes to selling your products to a manufacturer or distributor? Don’t get me started! That’s why inventors turn to Inventor Process, Inc. We provide over 50

Valentine’s Day Inventions

Happy Valentine’s Day from Inventor Process! The only thing close to LOVE is MONEY… some people want love, and other people want money… If you have a successful invention, you can have both!! Ah, Valentine’s Day! A holiday for love and romance and … patents? Yup, there are many inventions related to this theme! Just for

Motivate Yourself

Blog by Kristen For most inventors, motivation comes in waves. Some days we hop out of bed, ready to take on the world and the next day we do nothing… Inventors need a system to make achieving invention success as easy as possible — even when motivation is low. Step 1: Be prepared for the

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