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Helping Inventors Nationwide! Invention expert, Edward Ayres of Inventor Process, Inc. featured on TMJ4. We exclusively offer the Direct Submission Program™. This unique plan was developed by Inventor Process, Inc. to empower inventors with a specific and easy-to-follow course of action. It’s focused on patenting, marketing and royalty negotiations. Contact us today 702-912-2600

Stay Motivated!

Blog by Taylor P. Wouldn’t life be easier if you could stay in bed and do nothing all day? Everyday? Yeah, it would be easy, but would it be fulfilling? I understand, as an inventor, staying motivated could be hard. The invention process is not an easy one. So, how do successful inventors keep their

Today is Go for Broke Day!

Today is Go for Broke Day! Are you a gambler? Then, today, is your day. It’s Go For Broke Day. Today is a day to put it all on the line, and take a chance. It might be money. Or, it can be a love relationship. Perhaps, it’s time to initiate a risky project, or

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