Tip of the Week: Tip #21 of 25

Tip 21 – “It’s a contact sport!” Blog By Edward Ayres In Texas, football is king and as a young man I quickly learned a great tackle made people take notice. The coaches, spectators, and especially the player who took the hit new to keep an eye on that guy. There’s no doubt about it,

Tip of the Week: Tip #20 of 25

Tip 20 – “Marketing Your Invention” Blog By Edward Ayres – IP President The importance of marketing cannot be understated. Marketing is at the heart of invention success. When companies know your product exists and provides value, it creates an opportunity for them to license it. If you’re not marketing your product, it’s never going

Tip of the Week: Tip #19 of 25

Tip 19 – Build It and They Will Come         Blog By Inventor Process Team One of the first steps in the inventing process is prototyping. A prototype is a three-dimensional version of your invention. Regardless if you’re making your prototype in the garage, hiring professionals and/or utilizing the latest in 3-D graphics; it’s very exciting

Tip of the Week: Tip #18 of 25

Tip 18 – “Get your ducks in a row” Blog By Edward Ayres It’s neat! Everybody can use it. It’s cheap to make and you can sell it everywhere! While all that might be true it’s not the answers licensing companies are looking for when they ask; why you invented your product, who can use it,

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