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Curl Collar

Introducing the Curl Collar! An insulated and heat-resistant collar that can be applied over your neck, shoulders, and collarbones protecting you and your clothes from curling iron burns and makeup.

Beauty Without the Burns! Your routine just got easier. Say goodbye to curling iron burns, makeup stains, and messy glam.

Fearless Beauty. Faster Routine. This trending new beauty product has everyone looking their absolute best…

“A must-have in your get-ready-routine.”

So what are you waiting for? Don’t be the only one missing out on this amazing new beauty trend…

Join the countless women that are saying GOODBYE to makeup stains, burn marks, and getting ready in a rush…

No more neck burns from curling irons!  Order Your Curl Collar Today!!


The Linziclip is an Award-Winning, patented hair claw clip. It has a unique tube shape with two hidden springs and a flat back which holds the hair snuggly and does not slip or slide. The flat back means you can lean back in comfort – unlike other clips that dig into the back of the head!  Due to the way the Linziclip is made, it is incredibly comfy with an all day hold.   Easy to use, a wide range of  gorgeous hairstyles can be created in seconds!  Available in many different colors and finishes, the Linziclip can be matched with clothes and accessories –  perfect for casual, evening, travel, fitness, holiday and vacation.  Just clip & go!



The ‘FITBOXR®’ is the only US and internationally patented wearable resistant-fitness and posture-harness trainer in one. The ‘FITBOXR®’ is made of soft thin padded breathable and light weight neoprene, that makes it so comfortable that you barely remember you have it on. The harness comes in four sizes, SM, M, L and XL the harness and has two Thera resistancebands on each side with nylon/plastic handles, so the user can do all types of exercises from punching motions, dip motions, chest pushes, incline chest, cross tricep pull downs, aerobics, yoga and many other exercises for maximum full body results. There are five different resistant strengths for the beginner to the extreme professional. The ‘FITBOXR®’ was designed with freedom in mind; you can wear it anywhere, in the house, walking down the sidewalk, jogging in the park, to the gym and best of all you don’t have to carry anything in your hands to create resistance the ‘FITBOXR®’ gives you hands free ability.

The A.N.T.

The A.N.T. is a heavy-duty tarp dragging tool that saves time by making it faster, safer, and easier to pull tarps. Just clip into the grommets of a tarp, lean into the pad. 

Monkey Rung® Products

MONKEY RUNG ® PRODUCTS Introducing the new generation of ladder accessories. These products were developed and designed with safety, simplicity, and experience. Our products benefit workers in all trades.


The Worlds First and only Patent Pending fidget spinner lighter case called the FLKR LYTR. The FLKR LYTR will truly enhance your lighter experience! Follow flkrlytr on social media to get updates on new deigns and colors.


Garbage-eez® provides 25 Tall Trash Bags on a Roll, so your next bag is always handy when you empty a full bag!  Makes “trash time” Quicker, More Convenient & More Sanitary for every room in Your Home & Office! 

Push & Hang

With the “Push and Hang” system it’s never became easier, and all
your items come out perfectly level every time you use it!

Matthew and the test

Matthew is a boy who loves playing video games. Matthew doesn't like school and really hates tests. In fact, the only thing he really likes about school is being able to read books and of course hanging out with his best friend Shawny. Shawny helps keep Matthew motivated by constantly challenging him academically. They are oftentimes referred to as "Double Trouble." Read to find out out how Matthew is encouraged to do his best on the test and in the process learn an important life lesson.

Dino Dunker

Enjoy dredging your cookies into milk with a Dinosaur roar–and no messy fingers. It’s a Dinorific way to Dunk your Cookies!

Doggie Don't Device

The pet-friendly DOGGIE DON’T® Device is a hand held, audible tool that will assist you in correcting unwanted behaviors such as barking, jumping up, and leash aggression. 

Sound Scoopz

SoundScoopZ are the affordable, easy-to-use sound bar alternative. They redirect your TV’s sound toward you and not the floor. Improves sound clarity without an expensive sound bar.

French Tip Dip

The French Tip Dip allows you to achieve the elegant lines of a beautiful French Manicure without the expense and time of a salon visit! The unique applicator can be used with the polish of choice and is sized for most fingers and toes.

Kool Breeze Solar Hats

The Kool Breeze Solar Hats let you look cool while staying cool. These lightweight hats come in a variety of styles and are powered 100% by green renewable energy. Scientifically proven to cool you down by 10 degrees after only five minutes of wear!

The Smart Swatter

The Smart Swatter not only kills pesky insects, but its 904 spikes trap them to make clean up effortless! Don’t worry about where that spider went, it’s impaled on the spikes. Swatting bugs has never been so fun and easy.

Styl Styk

The zig zag part is back in! The Style Styk Hair Part-ner ™ makes this chic hairstyle easy to achieve. With the Style Styk styling is made simple!

Want to list your product?

If you are interested in listing your product – send us an email.

Want to list your product?

If you are interested in listing your product – send us an email.

Want to list your product?

If you are interested in listing your product – send us an email.

Want to list your product?

If you are interested in listing your product – send us an email.

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