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Without marketing, even the brightest and most revolutionary ideas can get left behind in this fast-paced world. Products don’t market themselves – they won’t just “find their way into the target audience’s hands.” The process of showcasing, demonstrating, and creating new licensing opportunities takes time, effort, and copious amounts of research. Inventor Process can create marketing materials that will garner the attention of potential licensing partners, ensuring your innovation and creativity are recognized. However, simply capturing their interest isn’t enough. Utilizing our persistent marketing strategy you’ll build invention awareness and credibility with potential licensing companies. To put it simply, if you’re not marketing your invention, your invention won’t make it.

Our Marketing Strategies

A proper marketing plan requires several moving parts that come together to be more important than the sum of their parts. Utilizing these individual strategies to come together as a cohesive plan is our goal.

Marketing Report

Success favors the prepared. Our team of experienced market researchers will draft a product-specific marketing report on your invention. Our experienced market researchers will compile a product-specific marketing report on your invention. With that knowledge, you can determine the marketability of your product to potential licensing companies. It will be the foundation of your marketing plan going forward, and an absolute necessity for any licensing company to take your business plan seriously. A marketing report is a powerful sales tool! 

What to Expect

  • A product-specific marketing report on your invention.
  • Summarizes in a positive nature pertinent marketing facts.
  • Specifically highlights the marketability and target market.
  • 10 to 15 pages of researched and verifiable industry data.
  • A sales tool that conveys the potential of your invention.
“The thoroughness of the report was immediately clear.”
– Charles K.

Industry Search

If you had a new cupcake you’d target the “Little Debbies” of the world. They’d bake it in their ovens, put it on their trucks, and place it in every grocery store. Our industrial technologists will pinpoint specific companies that may be able to produce and distribute your product. By analyzing their manufacturing capability and product line compatibility we’ll identify companies that can be aggressively targeted. Now, the decision-makers of those companies have to be made aware of your invention. You don’t want to settle for someone that can get the job done – you want the best fit possible – and with our methods, we can make sure those companies will be well aware of your invention.

What to Expect

  • Up to 50 target companies including major retailers.
  • Based on manufacturing capabilities and product line.
  • Contact info including mailing address and number.
  • Contact name and title of a key decision maker.
  • Additional pertinent company data and information.
“They provided 50 great companies, that was key to my success.”
– Kris. P

Informational Website

Presentation is as important as product. The Informational Website, created by our team of web designers, graphic artists and promotional writers, is the premier way to place your product information at the fingers tips of reviewing companies. The website is a sales tool that provides the means to dramatically increase the reach of your marketing efforts. Wherever there’s Internet access your product will be available for review and licensing consideration.

What to Expect

  • 5 pages, up to 500 words, and 4 invention illustrations.
  • 3-D virtual prototype and invention animation sequence.
  • Clearly identifies your invention as Patent Pending.
  • Highlights the invention concept, market, and potential.
  • Contains calls-to-action, contact information and more.
A great website and an amazing animation!”
– Bill C.

Saturation Marketing

Persistence pays off. The decision-makers of the targeted companies need to feel as if they can’t escape your product, and if they don’t jump on it; someone else will. Our Saturation Marketing strategy can help you do just that. Our layout and promotional experts will develop Advertorial Postcards that grab the reader’s attention and drive them to your website. Over the next several months these companies will be saturated with your promotional materials.

What to Expect

  • (500) 4.25″ X 6″ Advertorial Postcards on your invention.
  • High quality, double sided, semi-gloss, full color printing.
  • Available for Licensing announcement & calls to action.
  • Up to 3 invention illustrations and descriptive summary.
  • 6 sets of pre-addressed mailing labels and mailing schedule.
“From the creativeness to the sales pitch, they nailed it!
– Frankie B.

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