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“I have got to let people know that it is possible to bring your inventions to life if you have the right people in your corner. Inventor Process is the team you want! So knowledgeable and they welcome you as a friend not just another client. Good luck to anyone with a dream, just remember to go see Inventor Process to help make it come true!” Alicia K. – Nevada

“Good day Ed and everyone at your office. I really want to thank you and everyone on your team for the great job they did on getting my idea to this point. You did exceed what I thought you would provide in services and materials. I look forward to all your help with negotiations & licensing.”Lynn S
Lynn S.
“I had a neat idea for a golf accessory, the Extreme Golf Accessory Pouch, and with Inventor Process, Inc.’s help it’s now available for purchase. Without the Direct Submission Program™ it would still be just an idea.”
Hector M.
“I don’t mean to sound like a broken record but I want to thank you so much for all the hard work you and your staff have put into my product. I want to let you know that I hold Inventor Process in high regard. I’m super creative and slightly disorganized so what IP, Inc. has provided me is something I know I could have never done myself. Your services have been invaluable to me.”
Matt L.
“I financed services from InventHelp. I was left very disappointed and gave up on my idea. Then my daughter found Inventor Process, Inc. and encouraged me to give it another try. I received more responses from companies after just one Direct Submission Program™ mailing then I ever received from InventHelp. Several large baby product manufacturers are reviewing my product!”
Kulunta G.
Mr. Ayres, It was such a great pleasure working with you and your team. You did everything you said you would do, and better than I expected. The Direct Submission Program™ is a great system that worked very well for me. It allowed me to be involved with the success of my idea unlike other companies I have used in the past. You made it very easy and once again I would like to thank you for all of your efforts in making the Ratchet Strap Alarm System a success. Your knowledge, professionalism and enthusiasm has had great impact on making my dream a reality and I look forward to working with you in the future on new product ideas. Thanks Again,
Charles K.
“Inventor Process, Inc. assisted me through the patenting & marketing process, and now major tool companies are showing serious interest in my “Pop Wrench.” Negotiations are next! Eric, my consultant, continues to impress me every step of the way. (Klein Tools just called!)”
Alan O.
“I used Invention Home to try and patent my product because that’s who popped up when I googled for invention help. They did what they said but I was far from impressed. With a little research I found Inventor Process, Inc. and I’m impressed with the Direct Submission Program™ and their entire staff. The services of these two companies aren’t even comparable.”
Andy D.
Edward, I’m very pleased with the illustrations and written description! It looks better than I imagined. I love the mechanics of it and the rounded button end. Looks very sleek and like a real usable product! Awesome, Awesome, Awesome! Your team is doing a great job.
Matt E. – Minnesota
Wow, you guys are amazing, this is awesome man! We are super excited. Everything looks awesome. I’m glad you guys are putting all of this effort into our idea. I’m super happy with the progress.
William R. – California
The informational website is clean and easy to navigate through. I’ve viewed it on a desktop and a smartphone with no issues. Great Work, again! Thank you.
Eric V. – Nevada
We think the product looks great – the illustrations are gorgeous!!! Kudos to the artist, a wonderful job, we are very pleased!!!
Carl & Gertrina A. – Maryland
Approved! The graphic illustrations look phenomenal. Thank you so very much Inventor Process Team – great work. I look forward to more “Momentous” future association.
Arthur T. – Nevada

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