Direct Submission Program™

For most inventors the goal is clear; patent your product, get it into stores and put money in your pocket. The question is, how?

Our Direct Submission Program™ is the solution to turning your product into a reality. During the program, we’ll take your product through the steps needed to claim ownership, realize, and monetize your invention. 

Doing this all yourself can take a lot of time and money. Everything from sourcing the materials for production to putting it on the shelves falls on your shoulders alone – and improperly managed assets can be costly. However, there’s another way! We recommend pursuing a licensing agreement. You’ll lease your product rights to a company and they’ll manufacture your product, distribute it and pay a fair royalty.

Obtaining a licensing agreement is the easiest way to get your product to market, and it all starts with our Direct Submission Program™

What is the Direct Submission Program?

Our Direct Submission Program™ follows three major milestones that are absolutely crucial to your product’s success. First, we’ll file a patent on your invention. Once the patent is complete, we’ll prepare it for marketing so you can professionally propose it to the decision-makers of key companies. Finally, our highly-skilled professionals will then be ready to negotiate the royalties. They’re simple ideas on the surface, but so much more goes into the process than you may realize. Let’s break it down:

Step 1 – Patent Your Product

If you don’t own your idea, there’s nothing stopping competitors from taking your idea from you and leaving you in the dust. With our help, you can obtain a patent on your invention. A patent will ensure you’re able to collect royalties on your invention while increasing appeal to potential investors.

The patent process starts with thorough documentation of your product. Descriptions and illustrations come together to become the basis of defining your product from a legal standpoint. From there, it’s a matter of taking that idea, along with the required paperwork, through the legal channels to have it accepted by law. 

Step 2 – Marketing Your Product

Once you’ve obtained a patent, we’ll begin marketing your product. Our team will draft a marketing report for your invention to understand the marketability of your product. We’ll identify your target audience, understand your competitors, build your marketing assets, and create a plan for getting your idea in front of decision-makers from key companies. 

Step 3 – Negotiate The Deal

Finally, it comes down to negotiating the royalty deals with manufacturers — and we’re nothing short of the best at getting you the best licensing agreement possible. Whenever you succeed, we succeed – so we look to get you the most out of your agreements while only receiving 10% of all royalties generated as a result of our negotiations. 

So, What Are You Waiting For? Get started with the Direct Submission Program™!

Our Direct Submission Program™ is easy to follow, easy to start, and we can help be there for you every step of the way. We will provide professional, honest and timely invention help so you can safely and credibly present your product to companies. All you have to do is submit your invention for review and we can start working toward your dream. Don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or to get started. We’re here to help, and we’ll keep your information confidential.

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