Invention Mastery 101

Invention Mastery 101 – Earn Your Certification

This is an Exclusive Inventor Education Program – Where you can Earn your Invention Mastery 101 certification.

During this At-Your-Pace course, you’ll gain the knowledge and confidence to succeed in the invention industry by learning, practicing and implementing the very techniques the pros use to achieve invention success.

Educational Overview:

With successful completion of this program, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and skills to successfully invent.

Overview of what you’ll learn and be empowered to do:

  • How to profit from your inventions.
  • Learn Proven Action Steps, How-To Information & Success Strategies.
  • Gain powerful Invention Industry Insight.
  • How to increase your confidence and effectively network.
  • Business Strategies, Proper Protocols & Professional Etiquette.
  • Learn how to Pitch your Product with Success. 


Why an at-your-pace program?

If you’re like most of our students, you’re busy. Most likely you have a job or career, a family, hobbies and obligations, so we want to ensure you can conveniently earn your Invention Mastery 101 certification without disrupting your routine.

And if our instructors tried to cram in all the information in an abbreviated schedule…it wouldn’t stick. Most likely, that approach would cause confusion, questions and not be productive. We’re going to teach you the skills that will last a lifetime. Let’s do it right.

Here’s a brief overview of what you’ll receive with your Invention Mastery enrollment.

12 Core Topics

  • Approximately a 1.5-hour class per topic

In Addition to the Core Topics – Benefit from:

20 Lesson Builders & Practical Exercises

12 How-To Instructions with Scripts

10 Templates & Guidelines

Students will receive the Lesson Builders, Practical Exercises, How-To Instructions with Scripts, Templates and Guidelines through email over the course of the program. 




Invention Mastery 101:

Why should you enroll in Invention Mastery 101? Knowing what to do, how to do it, and having the confidence to do so, is powerful. The skills taught in this program will last you a lifetime. Our instructors and special guest speakers bring decades of new product introduction experience to the classroom. The skills and techniques taught in the Invention Mastery 101 program will last a lifetime.

Benefits Overview:

  • You’ll be empowered with the knowledge and skills to profit from your inventions.
  • Benefit from Special Instructors & Guest Speakers.
  • Instructors and Guest Speakers are all successful inventors, licensees and entrepreneurs.
  • Benefit from learning how to spot opportunities and take advantage of them.
  • No expensive, ongoing coaching fees. No monthly fees. No auto-deductions.


You can expect to be empowered and educated in the business of inventing. The Invention Mastery 101 program covers multiple topics, course discussions and trainings. Our instructors will provide this knowledge in an easy-to-understand and easy-to-implement format. By learning, practicing and implementing you’ll gain the confidence to succeed in the invention industry.

You can expect:
  1. Highly-Qualified Instructors/Speakers
  2. At-Your-Pace curriculum program
  3. Clean, healthy & safe learning environment
  4. In-depth understanding of the invention industry
  5. To be equipped with new knowledge & skills
We expect:
  1. Motivated students with a desire to learn
  2. Determination & participation 
  3. Completed assignments & activities
  4. Respectfulness instructors
  5. Integrity, Honesty & Confidentiality

Enrollment program that meets your schedule, budget and goals.

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Enrollment Programs:

We’re happy to offer Online options.

In addition Online Video learning sessions, the program features study guides, educational videos, quizzes, and course assignments.

Online Enrollment:

Invention Mastery 101: At-Your-Pace

Video Sessions

Covering 12 Critical Topics

Inventor Education & Empowerment

Invention Industry Insight

Proven How-To Information

Direct Action Steps

Exclusive Video Content

Curriculum Materials

12 Months of Access to all sessions

Invention Mastery 101 Certification

Enrollment Fee: $1,995


Secondary Enrollment – Because we like options:

Individual Videos of In-Person Sessions – $500 per video session
20-minute Consultation Calls – $65

Contact an Enrollment Architect today. / 702-912-2600

Contact an Enrollment Architect – / 702-912-2600

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