Invention Mastery 101 Schedule

In-Person Class Schedule

In-person students may choose a Friday or a Saturday schedule.

Friday Classes: 6:00 pm to 10pm   Saturday Classes: 10:00am–2:00pm (All Times Pacific)


Classroom Location:
1st Floor Classroom
150 N. Durango Dr., Las Vegas, NV 89145

It’s hard to concentrate when you’re hungry. We have you covered.

Appetizers, Finger Foods & Beverages included with In-Person sessions.

October 14th or 15th 2022:

Class 1 A:       “How to Profit from your Idea”

Break:             Refreshments & Networking

Class 1 B:        “Inventor Fundamentals & Critical Success Info”

Wrap:              Additional Q&A and Networking

February 3rd or 4th 2023:

Class 3 A:       “How to License Your Product & Receive Royalties”

Break:             Refreshments & Networking

Class 3 B:        “Taking your product to the shelf – How to Venture”

Wrap:              Additional Q&A and Networking

June 9th or 10th 2023:

Class 5 A:       “Inventor Opportunities and Tradeshows”

Break:             Refreshments & Networking

Class 5 B:        “Inventor Mistakes & Pitfalls & How to Avoid Them”

Wrap:              Additional Q&A and Networking

December 9th or 10th 2022:

Class 2 A:       “Successfully Pitch Your Product”

Break:             Refreshments & Networking

Class 2 B:        “Invention Business Strategies, Etiquette & Protocols”

Wrap:              Additional Q&A and Networking

April 14th or 15th 2023:

Class 4 A:       “Patents & other Intellectual Property Protection”

Break:             Refreshments & Networking

Class 4 B:        “Marketing Campaigns and Marketing Outreach”

Wrap:              Additional Q&A and Networking

August 11th or 12th 2023:

Class 6 A:       “Invention Success Tips, Strategies & Techniques”

Break:             Refreshments & Networking

Class 6 B:        “Course Review & Exam”

Wrap:              Additional Q&A and Networking

August 12th –  Graduation, Recognitions, Celebration and Pitch Contest – Starts at 7pm

Online Students:

  • You’ll receive access to class videos the Tuesday after the conclusion of the in-person class session.
  • Option to attend the In-Person Graduation, Recognitions, Celebration and Pitch Contest.
  • Receive your Certification regardless if you attend the live graduation ceremony.

Curriculum Studies:

All three enrollment programs utilize the same 10-month curriculum. In addition to In-Person / Online Video learning sessions display above, each enrollment program features study guides, educational videos, quizzes, and course assignments distributed by instructors once to twice per month.


Here’s a brief overview of what you’ll receive with you Invention Mastery enrollment.

12 Core Topics

  • Approximately a 1.5-hour class per topic – online students will receive video.
  • Two core topics will be covered per In-Person session. There will be a 30-to-45-minute break between topics to enjoy Appetizers, Finger Foods, Beverages and Networking.
  • Online students, will receive two videos every other month of the core topics.
In Addition to the Core Topics – Benefit from:

20 Lesson Builders & Practical Exercises

12 How-To Instructions with Scripts

10 Templates & Guidelines

1 Graduation

1 Pitch Contest – Win Cash & Prizes

In-Person and Online students alike will receive the Lesson Builders, Practical Exercises, How-To Instructions with Scripts, Templates and Guidelines through email over the course of the program. For instance, two lesson builders on average each month.

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