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Direct Submission Program™

Our Direct Submission Program™ is the solution to turning your product into a reality.

With our help, you can obtain a patent on your invention. A patent will ensure you’re able to collect royalties on your invention while increasing appeal to potential investors.

We’ll identify your target audience, understand your competitors, build your marketing assets, and create a plan for getting your idea in front of decision-makers from key companies. 

We’ll negotiate royalty deals with manufacturers to help you secure the best licensing agreement possible. Your upfront money back before our commission begins!

Why Inventor Process?

We Empower Inventors through Our Direct Submission Program™

Taking a new product from concept to store shelves can be challenging with no guarantees of success. Choosing the right company to help you is just as important as the idea you’re bringing to the marketplace. We exclusively offer the Direct Submission Program. This unique plan was created by Inventor Process, Inc. to empower inventors with an easy-to-follow course of action. The Direct Submission Program is focused on patenting, marketing and royalty negotiations. We’re not the only company that provides invention help, but we do believe we’re one of the best. We hope to get the chance to work with you!


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