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Tip 21 – “It’s a contact sport!”
Blog By Edward Ayres

In Texas, football is king and as a young man I quickly learned a great tackle made people take notice. The coaches, spectators, and especially the player who took the hit new to keep an eye on that guy. There’s no doubt about it, football is a contact sport. And so is invention marketing!

When I first entered the professional world of advertising sales my manager professed the “three-touch rule.” Meaning you have to make contact with a prospective client at least three times before they’ll consider buying from you. And if you’re selling advertising space to a company that needs advertising space well then that’s a great rule to follow. However, when your job is to convince a company, who until just recently didn’t even know your product existed, to license it and pay you a royalty three touches just aren’t enough. You need potential licensing companies to sit up and take notice.

Persistence pays off. Can you imagine your favorite movies without your favorite stars? However, before Mystic Pizza no one knew who Julia Roberts was. She would knock on a casting agent’s door only to hear no, no, no; your hair is too red, your feet are too skinny and you’re smile is too big. But she kept knocking and today she’s an international superstar. While acting and invention marketing are worlds apart the fact is you’ll always hear more No’s than Yes’s. It’s the nature of the beast. When you hear no, you can do one of two things; pick up your ball and go home or you can keep knocking on doors.

Contacting manufacturers and other potential licensees doesn’t have to be expensive or overly time consuming, but it does need to be regular. You can accomplish this with creative mailings, beautiful brochures, advertorial postcards and even phone calls. The point is to reach out and contact them frequently because if they know your product exists it can create the opportunity you need. Make companies aware of your product and do it often.

To borrow a line from Boiler Room, “It’s a contact sport…the more people you contact the better you’re going to do!”

The professionals of Inventor Process are here to help, and our Saturation Marketing strategy can create the awareness your invention needs.

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