Tip of the Week: Tip #25 of 25

Tip 25 – The Greatest Tip ever for an Independent Inventor Blog By Edward Ayres Coming up with an idea is one thing, but moving forward with it is something altogether different. The decision to invest time and money into your invention should not be made lightly. But when you feel you have a “winner”

Tip of the Week: Tip #24 of 25

Tip 24 – Tip Recap! Blog By Kristen Ayres Over the past few months in our ongoing series “25 Tips on Inventing” we have covered many topics regarding invention development, patenting, marketing and royalty negotiations. In this 24th tip we’ll review tips 13-23 before wrapping up next week with Tip 25, it’s a don’t miss

Tip of the Week: Tip #23 of 25

Tip 23 – Licensing Agreement Negotiations Blog By Edward Ayres Money, Money, Money….might be all you’re hearing when it’s time to negotiate the deal. However, this is where the rubber meets the road, and before you’ll see a single dollar the licensing agreement has to be finalized. Your goal is to maximize the financial earning

Tip of the Week: Tip #22 of 25

Tip 22 – “One on the Hook” Blog By IP Team From the moment you first had your idea, you dreamed of seeing it on store shelves. You patented your invention, and you’ve been marketing to manufacturers and other companies attempting to secure a licensing agreement. And now it’s paying off as companies are responding.

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