Update on the Improved Patent Classification System

Update on the Improved Patent Classification System
Blog by Kristen Ayres
Resource: USPTO – Commissioner for Patents Peggy Focarino

In January 2013 the USPTO implemented the Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC) system. CPC is a joint patent classification system between the USPTO and the European Patent Office that enables patent examiners and patent system users worldwide to conduct more efficient prior-art searches. CPC offers a more targeted search with focused results. CPC is expected to lead efficiency by reducing unnecessary duplication of work. CPC will be fully implementation in January 2015.

The benefits of CPC include the following:
o Enhanced examination efficiency;
o Improved access to more documents from patent offices around the world;
o Improved navigation and understanding of a single classification system;
o Facilitated work sharing on patent applications filed in multiple IP offices;
o Improved consistency of classified search results across IP Offices; and,
o Adaptive and actively maintained classification schemes.

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