Have you Googled it???

Have you Googled it???

Most people think of at least one idea in their life. Some people keep the idea in their head, some just write the idea down in a journal while others move forward toward invention success with a strategy.

One of the first thoughts inventors have; “How do I know if my product is new and patentable?” Searching the internet you will find many ideas on what to do and where to go for answers. What we suggest is; Google your idea! If your product is out there, Google can help you find it! After you have Googled your idea, and you want to move forward, we suggest a Patent Search.

A Patent Search conducted through the available patents of the U. S. Patent & Trademark Office will provide a list of previously patented and/or patent pending concepts that may be related to your idea. Patent searches are complex procedures and with almost nine million issued patents and millions more pending the novice can easily overlook critical prior art (patents). This is why we strongly recommend patent searches be conducted by an experienced patent researcher.

After using Google and the Patent Search to confirm your concept is indeed new, you should feel more comfortable in making your decision to “Pursue Invention Success” or just let the idea die.

Inventor Process, Inc. can help you with your invention. We can assist you with a Patent Search, Patent Protection, Marketing, and Royalty Negotiations.

Inventor Process, Inc. Patent Search Services:

  • Conducted by a registered patent attorney / agent.
  • Returns a list of patents that may be relevant to your invention.
  • Establishes the fact that you have taken steps to research and protect your idea.
  • Allows you to make an informed decision about pursuing your idea.
  • We charge $349.00 for a patent search and it takes approximately 10 business days.
  • The results of your patent search can be reviewed before deciding to proceed with the Direct Submission Program™.


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