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Why do so many inventors fail to achieve invention success?

Blog by Kristen Ayres

One of the most common questions people ask is: “Why do so many inventors fail to achieve invention success?” When asked this question, I am sure people think I am going to give them a long answer that can vary from inventor to inventor. The reality is, most inventors fail at invention success because they don’t know what they are doing and they refuse to get professional help. Achieving invention success requires a full team of professionals with knowledge and experience in many different areas.

When taking a new product to the market, the help you obtain is a critical factor in the process. If achieving invention success was easy, everyone would do it and they would do it alone. However, this is not the case. The inventor should think about what their goals are and then seek assistance to achieve the goals.

Inventor Process, Inc. has only one mission: helping inventors. We empower inventors by providing low-cost, high-quality services so they can safely market their ideas in an attempt to receive a licensing agreement. Our Direct Submission Program™ has allowed our clients to reach ideal manufacturers and retailers from around the globe. And when the time comes, our highly-skilled negotiators are ready to negotiate the most lucrative agreement possible in an effort to maximize invention success.

Submit your product for review. The Product Review is cost and obligation Free, and all information is kept 100% confidential. Don’t hesitate to contact us with questions. We’re here to help, and we’ll keep your information confidential.

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2 thoughts on “Why do so many inventors fail to achieve invention success?

    1. Marketing is at the heart of invention success. When companies know your invention exists, it creates an opportunity for them to license it. The Inventor Process team will create the marketing materials that bring your invention to the attention of companies and then substantiate its potential. Utilizing our persistent marketing strategy you’ll build invention awareness and credibility with potential licensing companies. Give us a call 702-912-2600

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