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Innovation is the engine that drives the global economy… and behind innovation – is the inventor. Some say that there’s an inventor living inside each of us waiting to come out. After all, just about everyone has had a product idea at one time or another – and just about everyone would like to strike it rich. But where do inventors go and to whom do they turn to get the guidance they need to transform their ideas into viable products?

Inventor Process is a national resource for inventors searching for a trusted, experienced ally that can guide the inventor’s idea through all the legal, deal-making, manufacturing, operational, and marketing challenges ahead. Owned and operated by long-time industry experts, Inventor Process brings an unparalleled dedication and commitment to its clients and an impressive track record of product success stories.

Under the helm of recognized product introduction specialist Edward Ayres, Inventor Process has developed its exclusive Direct Submission Program™, where the first step is to ensure ownership of the product idea by securing a patent. The next step in the Inventor Process Direct Submission Program™ is to license the product to a reputable manufacturer-distributor and enter into a royalty agreement.

Through Inventor Process’ Direct Submission Program™, Ayres and his team of invention industry professionals carefully evaluate product idea submissions, secure patent ownership for their inventors, represent the inventors in marketing their products to the manufacturing community, and negotiate a fair royalty.

Ayres’ fascination with inventions began at an early age when his penchant for innovation earned him the Most Likely to Succeed distinction in high school, along with membership in the National Honors Society. While still in high school, he had a calling to serve his country and enlisted in the Army where he began Basic Training two weeks after graduating. Ayres’ Army career further fueled his commitment to innovation as the young recruit earned awards and accommodations for his work in creating new communications systems for Intel officers to gather battlefield intelligence and analyze battlefield strategies. An Honor Graduate of the Signal Intelligence Analyst Corp, he went on to study business at Austin Peay State University and the University of Houston.

Ayres’ first role within the Invention Promotion industry was as Client Coordinator for Springfield, Illinois-based Concept Marketing Consultants where he was rapidly promoted to full Consultant. Ayres’ sharp eye for products, combined with his product development and business acumen helped his numerous Central Illinois inventor clients in all critical areas of patent procurement and marketing services.

From his early position with Concept Marketing Consultants, Ayres relocated to Las Vegas-headquartered Marketing Advisory Group, Inc. where, as Senior Consultant, he was charged with restructuring the organization into Marketing Advisory Group of Nevada, Inc. In recognition of his successful restructuring efforts, Ayres was named the organization’s President. Under his leadership, Marketing Advisory Group of Nevada has assisted hundreds of Nevada inventors with their inventions, from issued patents to playing a prime role in bringing inventions to retail. Following on the heels of his successful tenure with the Marketing Advisory Group of Nevada, Ayres founded his own invention marketing agency, Inventor Process, Inc. which quickly attracted inventors throughout the region and has recently expanded to empower inventors nationwide.

Today, Inventor Process is home to a team of invention promotion professionals who work closely together to guide inventor clients through the entire process. In addition to the company’s proprietary Direct Submission Program™, Inventor Process has earned a singular reputation for its focused dedication to clients, customizing marketing services tailored to each product, attending tradeshows and honing the manufacturing, retail distribution, and direct response television marketing programs specifically suited for each and every product under its wing.

Being product-specific means more up-front work, but greater results. Client Charles Krumme tried several inventor agencies before joining Inventor Process. After a number of false starts with the other companies, Krumme found the success he richly deserved with Edward Ayres and Inventor Process, which licensed his product to a major manufacturer in a deal that is projected to earn millions of dollars in revenues.

Ayres’ invention successes include Peel & Stick Wall Paper Border, Pizza Pro, Extreme Golf Accessory Pouch, Twinkle Treat Basket, Self-Teaching Training Wheels, Wrap Rap Your Cane, Ratchet Strap Alarm System, In Da Hood Backpack, and the soon to be introduced Sweater Hammock – represent only a sampling of products brought to fruition by Ayres and his Inventor Process team.

If you’re looking for a trusted ally to assist you with patenting, marketing and royalty negotiations you can count on Inventor Process, Inc. They can help you succeed!

Repost from July 16, 2015

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  1. We need to talk to someone about an idea that has no sales on the market and another outfit told us that we couldn’t do it.

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