What does “in the know” mean?

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Invention success‬ is not only about the ‪‎invention‬ but about who you know… What does this mean? Do I need to have friends who develop products? Do I need family in the industry to be successful? Does my spouse need to be a patent attorney to guarantee product protection? ‬‬

When inventing a new idea millions of thoughts start spinning around which can cause the inventor to second guess everything concerning the product. Rest assured the answer to these questions is “No.” To be “in the know,” as an inventor, you will need an expert who is “in the know” regarding the “Invention World!” ‬

As far as inventions are concerned, we describe being “in the know” as the ability to:

1. Effectively protect new products
2. Planning and implementing a strategic course of action
3. Convincingly presenting new products
4. Knowledge of industries related to the invention
5. Negotiating fair royalties for inventors
6. Developing relationships with key decision-makers from various industries

Taking a new product from concept to store shelves is a challenging endeavor with no guarantees of success, and that’s why choosing the right company to assist you is as important as the idea you’re bringing to the marketplace. Inventor Process, Inc. has only one mission, helping inventors. Our team brings to the table decades of combined experience in invention development, patenting, marketing, and royalty negotiations. We couple experience, expertise and knowledge with honesty, integrity and ethics. We are your Invention Experts!

Our team helps independant inventors every step of the way starting with product protection. Documentation is the first step in invention protection. Our technical writers will craft a thorough written description of the invention in clear and definite terms. Our team of 3-D artists will create multiple high-quality illustrations of the innovation. A registered patent attorney/agent will utilize the written description and illustrations to prepare and file a patent on the invention. The IP team will create the marketing materials that bring the invention to the attention of companies and then substantiate its potential. And when the time comes, our highly-skilled negotiators are ready to negotiate the most lucrative agreement possible in an effort to maximize invention success.

Our track record for “in the know” industry experts was validated again when we hosted an event with the president and key executives from Infomercials, Inc. Our inventors had the opportunity to pitch thier product to the pros, the nation’s most successful As Seen on TV company! And we’ll negotiate the licensing agreement for the selected products. We help with Invention Success!

Get “in the know” and contact us today for help!

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