Valentine’s Day Inventions

Happy Valentine’s Day from Inventor Process!

The only thing close to LOVE is MONEY… some people want love, and other people want money… If you have a successful invention, you can have both!!

Ah, Valentine’s Day! A holiday for love and romance and … patents? Yup, there are many inventions related to this theme! Just for the holiday, we thought we’d share some of them with you.

The Love Tester
This was a design patent, issued in 1930, for the header logo of one of the first of those arcade-type entertainment devices. You’d insert your coins, squeeze a handle, and watch a flashing light display until it landed on a random category ranging from “clammy” to “hot stuff.”

These devices used different methods to select your ranking, including the temperature of your hand and skin moisture.

The Love Finder
Romance can be complicated nowadays, don’t you think? Even dating websites don’t make it any easier to find the right match. A pair of inventors came up with a modernized way to simplify the process, though: a “method and apparatus for finding love”!

Simply put, it’s a few electronic devices worn on the body that communicate with a CPU, which determines particular algorithms in physical responses. In other words, if a lady’s heart skips a beat, her breathing pattern changes, and her blood pressure takes a quick spike, then the guy who just walked right in front her could be Mr. Right!

Yes, this invention (which is still patent pending) almost seems like a prank on the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. (Its application mentions basketball teams and ferrets, for example.) One of the two inventors created other electronic devices for use in business environments, though. The other is an artist who has a prototype of this invention on display in her studio.

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