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    Inventor Process

    Inventor Process is a professional consulting firm that provides business development services to inventors and entrepreneurs. While inventors have the idea, often their expertise is not in new product introduction. That’s where we come in! Our team brings to the table decades of combined experience in invention development, patenting, marketing, and royalty negotiations. We couple experience, expertise and knowledge with honesty, integrity and ethics. We look forward to working with you on this exciting endeavor.

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    Inventor Services

    We offer the services you need to succeed with your invention ideas. We can assist you with invention development, patenting, marketing, royalty negotiations and so much more.


    We couple experience, expertise and knowledge with honesty, integrity and ethics. We believe in research, action, persistence and hard work.


    We’re dedicated to assisting independent inventors, people just like you, in successfully developing and launching their innovations.


    Our vision is to be the difference maker in enough inventors lives to have a positive impact on the global marketplace.

    Free Inventor Information

    Your info is kept 100% confidential

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      Is it safe to tell Inventor Process my idea?

      Yes, you will never reveal your product idea to us until you have reviewed and signed our Declaration of Confidentiality & Non-Use.

      What if I only have an idea?

      That’s OK. Most people start with just an idea. We can help you determine if your idea has potential, and if so, let’s turn it into a successful product.

      Can I improve an existing product/patent?

      Yes, most patents are for improvements to already existing products.

      Is a patent really that important?

      Yes, especially if you want to collect royalties. Without it a company can quickly make your product, sell it, and do so without your permission and without paying you a dime.

      Why should I use Inventor Process?

      Choosing the right company to assist you is as important as the idea you’re bringing to the marketplace. We couple experience, expertise and a proven track record with honesty, integrity and ethics. Our team, and you, will focus on your success.

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