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Do I need a Patent?

Blog by Edward Ayres

Do I need a Patent?

Why bother going through the time and cost of patenting your idea? The answer is simple, you should seek patent protection for your concept because if you don’t someone else eventually will. A simple look at the history of invention can verify this need.

Bell DID NOT Invent The Telephone

Alexander Graham Bell will live forever in history for his famous words, “Mr. Watson, come here, first-telephoneI want you,” which are believed to be the first words ever spoken on a telephone. But Mr. Bell did not invent the telephone, he simply patented it.

Johann Philipp Reis invented this device 15 years earlier, but never bothered to seek patent protection.

Another person, Elisha Gray, challenged Bell as the inventor of the telephone, and even filed a patent for the device on the same day Bell did. But Bell had moved faster, filing a few hours before Gray, and Bell received the patent.

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