“As Seen On TV” Opportunity Available

Blog by Kristen Ayres

You’ve seen the commercials, you know the ones that always say, “but wait there’s more, call now and will throw in a second one for Free!” Have you ever wondered why you see them so often? The simple answer, they work. The right Direct Response TV company can take an idea and turn it into an overnight success. Does your product have what it takes to be the next As Seen on TV hit? Here’s your chance to find out!

Inventor Process, Inc., your trusted invention experts, is proud to announce we’ll be hosting the president and key executives from Infomercials, Inc. September 13th. This is your opportunity to pitch your product to the nation’s most successful As Seen on TV company!

Each inventor, with a qualifying product, will be given a few minutes to meet with and pitch the pros. This is your cost and obligation Free way to achieve a major goal, invention success.

Event Details
Date: 9/13/16
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Must Have: Working Prototype (even if it’s ugly)
Presentation time: 5 to 7 minutes

Product Qualification Requirements
NOTE: You don’t have to meet them all, but you should meet most.

  1. Broad Audience: Most households in America could use this product.
  2. Explainable: Product must be tangible and demonstrable.
  3. Frequent Usage: Must be a product that will get frequently used.
  4. Marketability: Product MUST generate excitement and/or have “wow” factor.
  5. Low Public Awareness: The product must not already be in major retail stores or available for sale on multiple websites.
  6. Problem Solver: Product solves a problem no other product can or solves a problem FAR BETTER than any other product. (Does not apply to Kid’s Products)
  7. Pricing: The Price of the product must seem like a good deal.
  8. Quality: Product, once produced, must appear to be of good quality.
  9. Uniqueness: The product must not be too similar to other products on the market.
  10. Price Range: The product must fall between $5 and $1000 dollars.

Please: No ingestible, things you take into your body such as diet pills, and no intangibles, such as business strategies or marketing plans.

The news only gets better! If your product is selected, you pay nothing. Infomercials Inc. funds everything. They fund and manage 100% of the entire campaign including the infomercial, the inventory, and the TV airtime. You’ll always remain the owner of your product, and collect a fair royalty.

If you think you have a winning product, and are ready for As Seen on TV success, then contact Inventor Process, Inc. Inventor Process’ alliance with Infomercials, Inc. may very well help you become successful with your idea!

Contact us immediately if you want to take part in this ASOTV opportunity.

Inventor Process, Inc.
Call: 702-912-2600 – Reference “As Seen On TV”
Email: – Subject line “As Seen On TV”


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