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10 Neat Pet Products

Some are very practical. Some are long overdue. And some are outright silly. But these pet products share one thing in common: they’re getting positive feedback from both the industry and its consumers! Here’s a list of “10 Neat Pet Products” now on the market.

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    1. OH Bowl

Everyone knows dogs have bad breath. Not enough, though, know that bacteria contributing to this halitosis can have other negative effects on their animals. And 80 percent of that bacteria is on the tongue, not the teeth.

In response, a veterinarian created the OH (oral health) Bowl, which has projecting studs on its interior. Your dog can clean his tongue at the same time he feeds his belly! Those small, rubber tips clean away bacteria from the tongue, which reduces bad breath, too, and also stimulates saliva that further cleans the dog’s mouth, teeth, and gums.

  1. King Kalm

In 2018, and right after its principal ingredient was made legal in the U.S., the King Kanine company launched King Kalm – a tonic for dogs and other animals that includes cannabidiol. More commonly known as CBD oil, cannabidiol is extracted from hemp plants, including marijuana, but doesn’t have the intoxicating agent of tetrahydrocannabinol (or THC).

Even without the THC, CBD can provide calmness and other benefits, King Kanine says, and its King Kalm can address any anxiety and aggression your pooch may suffer from.

  1. Doggie Don’t®

While animals need help while training, too often that help can be punishing and painful. And if scolding a pet weren’t bad enough, some other methods are quite inhumane, using choking and even electric shocks.

The Doggie Don’t® provides needed aid, but without any cruelty. It simply makes a crackling noise by pushing its button. When an animal is distracted or misbehaving, its owner can simply activate the Doggie Don’t®, letting the dog know its current behavior isn’t appreciated. It recaptures attention and enforces good behavior without any punishment or cruelty.

  1. Paludarium

Some people prefer small reptiles like lizards and geckos as simple house pets. Others prefer exotic fish. But if you happen to love them both? Then get yourself a Paludarium – a combination aquarium for the fish and terrarium for the reptiles. The Paludarium also accommodates plants, thus allowing complete creation of a specific climate that matches the creatures living inside of it.


  1. iDig

Let’s say your hound is hungry to dig up holes in the yard, but you don’t want the mess. Or maybe you’re confined to a lawn-less apartment. Tell Fido not to fret – the new iDig is here! You can lay bones, toys, or other items under its center-placed flap, and let your dog dig them up and out. No mud flying around, and no holes in the lawn. It won “Best New Product for Dogs” at a 2018 trade show!

  1. Pedi Paws

Clipping claws is an unpleasant experience for pets and people alike. The battery-powered Pedi Paws, though, makes it quick and simple, and also protects the sensitive nerves and veins in paw nails from being touched in the process. It even collects the clippings! It’s available online and at many retail stores.

  1. Pour Overs

We put dressing on salads and gravy on potatoes, don’t we? Then shouldn’t our dogs have the same add-on, accessory options with their meals?

To compensate, pet food company The Honest Kitchen now offers “Pour Overs,” a gravy that can be added to dry dog foods. It comes in multiple flavors to match many different dry dog foods, too! Treat your best friend to a real treat.

  1. Exo-Terra Thermostat

Pet reptiles is a booming trend. Turtles, lizards, and snakes require a lot less care than other animals, and don’t make as much of a mess, either. They’re exotic, too, but don’t cost as much as to care for as ordinary house pets.

Unfortunately, though, about 75 percent of them die in the first year. That’s because these outdoor creatures don’t adjust well to indoor climates. Even when provided with a heating lamp of consistent temperature, the surrounding temperature of the home can weaken that lamp’s effects.

The Exo-Terra Thermostat corrects this by allowing a heating lamp to automatically change its settings whenever needed. Declared the “Best New Product for Reptiles” in 2018 at an industry trade show, it automatically adjusts to any changes to the surrounding temperature in your home, ensuring that your gecko stays healthy.

  1. PillStachios

Giving medication to your pet can take an army to catch him, hold him down and coax open his mouth. And then you need a crew to clean the mess that was made in the process.

The new PillStachios, though, make this difficult process oh-so easy – and even a treat for your pet! It’s a capsule available in many sizes that can hide pills, powders, and liquid. Just open one, fill it with medication, close it up, then feed it to your dog. No mess, no unhappy pets or pet owners, and a healthy animal, too. PillStachios come in many flavors, so your pet will certainly enjoy it.

  1. Woof Washer 360

While most dogs love to splash around, they do it for fun, not hygiene. The mud puddle in the backyard? Sure! But the hose to wash off that mud? Not even…

The Woof Washer 360 makes bathing your dog quick and easy, though, and incredibly thorough, too, from top to bottom. Just attach it to your hose and then pass Fido through its circular sprayer. His entire body gets quickly, fully cleaned in only a minute, and without a mess or stress.

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