Attention: Inventor Charles F. Krumme is currently looking for a qualified company to manufacture and distribute the "Ratchet Strap Alarm System" under a licensing agreement.

Please find below Pertinent Marketing Facts pertaining to the "Ratchet Strap Alarm System."

The Ratchet Strap Alarm System also protects cargo from common theft.

  • When most Americans consider the concepts of commercial theft, they think of shoplifting from grocery stores, a liquor store hold-up or, at worst, a bank robbery.
  • This criminal chain, though, begins much farther back in the train, and with much worse losses. The theft usually starts before products ever get to the stores, and by cargo stolen from the trucks carrying those products in mass quantity.
  • It happens about three times every day in the U.S. and for total annual losses of about $30 billion. Trucks carrying electronics, food items and clothing are the top targets, but all products – even cosmetics and baby formula – are regularly targeted.
  • They're not like those other commercial thefts in other ways, too. There's no security guard to sneak past, no theft detector to walk through, no security camera – just a single lock that seals the doors on the trailer is all that a thief needs to overcome. And the only other necessary factor to complete the heist is for the truck to stop.
  • Those trucks must stop, of course. Semis can roll for 11 hours per shift, and drivers must take a 10-hour break before hitting the road again, which leaves a wide-open window for theft. Even local deliveries aren't safe; in fact, cargo theft occurs most commonly within four hours and only 200 miles from the point the driver first loaded the truck.
  • Just like the Ratchet Strap Alarm System can alert drivers of cargo that might be coming loose during transport, it can let them know of any that might be at risk of theft. Once the Ratchet Strap Alarm System is reduced in original tension by any means, its alarm and lighting are quickly activated.
  • Since the fob hosting that alarm and lighting can be positioned by the driver at any location, even on his or her own person, the Ratchet Strap Alarm System can immediately alert of the risk at hand.

The Ratchet Strap Alarm System provides this theft protection at a time of increased need.

  • If three times a day for $30 billion in loss doesn't sound bad enough, then brace yourself: the rate of cargo theft has increased by 50 percent in 2011, and is reported to grow by an additional 20 percent last year.
  • It's not just the trucking companies and their clients who have to pay for it, though. Such theft is credited for 20 percent of the product costs consumers have to pay nowadays.
  • The dramatic increase is the result of dramatic improvement of sorts; instead of just thugs or shysters looking for loot, cargo theft is now reported to be the practice of organized crime. The stolen goods are then commonly sold at sneaky websites or even shipped overseas.
  • The Ratchet Strap Alarm System can provide a quick, easy and inexpensive method to address this growing problem of growing losses and costs.

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