The Ratchet Strap Alarm System is a simple to use alarm device for use with the traditional cargo straps. Should the security of the cargo be at risk the Ratchet Strap Alarm System alerts the vehicle driver through a fob. This can prevent an accident or a crime before it happens.

Should the tension of a cargo-securing strap be loosened, placing that cargo and even its transporting vehicle at risk – or should that cargo be subject to theft – the Ratchet Strap Alarm System would immediately activate its audio and visual alarms, both at the point of the cargo and at the remote location of the driver. Immediate alert before the fact, and prevention of damage that could otherwise follow that fact.

Commercial vehicle accidents caused by unsecured cargo remain high, and theft of cargo is dramatically increasing, as well. The patent pending Ratchet Strap Alarm System, which your company is invited to include in its product line under a licensing agreement, can help prevent these problems. Please contact us or read on for more information.