Meet Christopher Landano – Inventor of the TrakBelt 360

Christopher Landano – Inventor, Entrepreneur & Founder of Design Innovation 360 LLC

Meet Chris, featured instructor at Inventor Process: The SUMMIT.

Chris is a New York City firefighter, specializing in forensic photography, as well as an avid inventor and entrepreneur. As a firefighter Chris often finds himself in harrowing situations, and one day in a collapsed building, trapped in a very tight space, he envisioned the invention that would change his life; the Trakbelt 360. It’s a toolbelt like no other, and it’s made in the USA!

As Chris embarked on the journey of turning his idea into the must-have toolbelt of first responders, tradesmen, photographers, do-it-yourselfers, and many others he learned the ins and outs of inventing. During this time Chris built a network of industry professionals and established himself as a trusted advisor within the invention community.  

Chris is the host of the Inventors & Entrepreneurs Club of Queens, an active member of the United Inventors Association, and sits on the board of many community-conscious, non-profit organizations. Additionally, he’s a sought-after speaker who travels nationwide educating and assisting inventors in turning their dream into reality; just like he did.

At The SUMMIT Chris we’ll share with you inventor mistakes and how you can avoid them. He’ll also share what he got right, what he got wrong and even provide FREE invention resources. Ask Chris questions, get connected, and utilize his 12 years of experience to catapult your success.

Meet Christopher Landano, successful inventor and entrepreneur, at Inventor Process: The SUMMIT on April 25th, 2020 in Las Vegas.

Opportunity is here! You should be too. Get your tickets now before it’s too late.

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