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Inventor Process, Inc. provides a specific plan to inventors

The Direct Submission Program™ helps inventors patent and market their inventions

April 1st, 2014

Inventor Process, Inc. is proud to announce the launching of the Direct Submission Program™. The Direct Submission Program™ is a specific plan for independent inventors that focuses on the three critical aspects of invention licensing; patenting, marketing and royalty negotiations. It’s not a three step process but those are the main objectives.

“The Direct Submission Program™ was developed to provide invention help that minimizes an inventor’s risk while maximizing their potential,” stated Edward Ayres, president of Inventor Process, Inc.

This unique plan provides inventors with a written description and 3-D illustrations of their product, and then a patent is filed to obtain patent pending status. For marketing a product-specific marketing report, an informational website on the invention, and advertorial postcards used in our saturation marketing strategy are created. During this time approachable companies are being identified and researched. Once these companies favorably respond Inventor Process, Inc. negotiate for royalties.

“Our plan is unique not only in the quality of the services, but our inventors are involved every step of the way,” stated Edward Ayres. “They know trusting someone else with 100% of their success is not realistic, but they know they can trust themselves and the Direct Submission Program™.”

Inventor Process, Inc. was formed by industry professional with decades of combined experience in patenting and marketing new products. By blending technology with proven methods we empower independent inventors by providing quality and affordable invention assistance.

For more information on the Direct Submission Program™ and Inventor Process, Inc. please visit www.InventorProcess.com or contact:

Edward Ayres


Inventor Process, Inc.
3035 S. Jones Blvd, Suite 1B
Las Vegas, NV 89146

702-912-2601 fax


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